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Jacki's Journal

16th June, 2005. 4:09 pm. Tagged!? Me?? Inconcievable!

List five songs that you are currently digging ... it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words or even if they're any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artist and the song in your blog along with your five songs. Then tag five other people to see what they're listening to.

No particular order:
1. Vanderveen - Weekend Full of Weekends
2. Akon - Lonely
3. Maroon 5 - Through With You
4. Bowling For Soup - Trucker Hat
5. Tamimi - Silent Hill NayTomorrow OC ReMix

See this Xanga entry for details. I don't update this anymore except for special circumstances like this. ;p Thanks a lot Courtney. :O

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30th August, 2004. 2:14 am.

Yeah, go down about two entries and find my current journal amongst the punctuation. Actually, you'll just go to the journal next in line after this one. And then from there, can find my current one. I'm just storing a convo and updating for no good reason here. Don't mind this.

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26th May, 2004. 12:16 am.

PhentomTowner: *sniffles* She would not harm her own mother. I've raised her better than that!

LilSillyKittyKat: Suuure you raised her better.

LilSillyKittyKat: But in comes Auntie Jacki who secretly teaches her how to wield a sword, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style. ;-)

PhentomTowner: Nooooooooo! I'll Kill Youuuuu

LilSillyKittyKat: Not if I send my little Padawan Aria to fight for me. :-)

PhentomTowner: LOL.   I can't strike down my own daughter...

LilSillyKittyKat: She'll defend her Sensei to the death. ^_^ Wheee!

PhentomTowner: Damn you! Cuuuuurse you!!!!!

LilSillyKittyKat: Looks like you'll need another kid to fight against their own sibling. :-)

PhentomTowner: Fine then. I'll do what I must. I'll have a boy, and I shall name him Hector! Hehheh

LilSillyKittyKat: Hahaha.

LilSillyKittyKat: I'll have a boy and name him Achilles. ;p

PhentomTowner: *gasp* Then I shall have ANOTHER boy and name him Paris. And he shall be the END of Achilles!

LilSillyKittyKat: =O!

PhentomTowner: Mwuahahahahhahaaaaaa

LilSillyKittyKat: You and your damned archer son! >=O

PhentomTowner: LOL!

PhentomTowner: Das right baby! Cower in fear!

LilSillyKittyKat: Hahaha. Too bad Paris is a lovesick ninny. ;-)

PhentomTowner: lol. Forget you. My wussy son shall save the day in the end.

PhentomTowner: heeheehee. Suuuucker. Achilles was born to live a doomed life of .. of... pain and whatnot

LilSillyKittyKat: But he'll be the greatest warrior Greece has ever seen 'til then. ;-)

PhentomTowner: Psh... cuz his mother was an immortal goddess. Hector shall be the greatest warrior without any ADVANTAGES on his side. So nyah.

LilSillyKittyKat: Hahaha.

LilSillyKittyKat: Hector freakin' DIED. :-P

PhentomTowner: *sobs* Don't you SAY that about my little boy! At least he was loved, and had a little boy to carry on his name!

LilSillyKittyKat: My boy... dragging around the slain body of his enemy. *sniffles* I'm so proud. *chokes on tears of joy* ;_;

PhentomTowner: ROFL!!!!!!!!! Well, My Paris destroys your boy. Chew on that! He finds the one place where YOUR dummy boy can be hurt

LilSillyKittyKat: Hahahaha! Damned stupid heel. I knew I should've bought him some Vans. The padding in those shoes ROCK. ;-)

PhentomTowner: LOL. Shoulda coulda woulda

PhentomTowner: Achilles was too full of himself ANYHOW.

LilSillyKittyKat: Achilles had the skillz to back up his arrogance, so NYEH!

PhentomTowner: Psh. Well my Paris could get by on his looks alone. Even the great Goddesses wanted him. So there.

LilSillyKittyKat: Paris was a horny pretty boy. Blah.

LilSillyKittyKat: "I make a lot of mistakes."

PhentomTowner: LOL. Well, you've gotta admit. If you're gonna make a mistake with anybody, my boy would be the one to make it with.   :-D

LilSillyKittyKat: Hahaha. My boy is better, because he can charm the Trojan hostages. ;-)

PhentomTowner: Psh...  that cousin of theirs was a slut, nothing more.

LilSillyKittyKat: Hahaha!

Current mood: dorky.

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23rd March, 2004. 2:12 pm. Oooo, lookit me, all growed up.

Hiii! Woow... it's been so long since I've had LiveJournal. ;_; Well, okay, not really. Not even a year has gone by. But decided to come check and see the progress I've made as a person... ...NONE!! >.< ARGHARGHARGH! I still say "Sweet dreams". I still say "Byeeee!". I still have my Matt! Ooo... :O (But the high school-y drama is soooooo ovar.) The problems described in the.. previous 3 or so entries of this journal are long gone and to read them again would bring up baaad memoriesss... x.x Back in the day...when we were a year and 6 months along... @_@ Oiii... Time flies. We're now 3 years and 3 months or so. Relationship survival, woooo! :D Maybe it's because we were both too spineless to ever bring up breakups and dumping in past arguments that anything that would've been a breaking point... Well, yeah.

Hahaha, scrolling down to the May 31th 2002 entry... UC Davis as my top school to apply to. :P Got into there and currently attending. ;p Back when I was visiting UCs to see which one I'd pick if they all accepted me. (I had better grades then and could be conceited like that. ;p *cough*Not reallly.*coughcough*) For a little bit..it changed to UC Berkeley b/c of the cooler weather. Visited both UCD and UCB and noticed a 10°F change in the weather. It was a yummy chill. But I guess I'm glad I went with this quaint town with its flat land (I'm a pedestrian! Aaiee!). I wouldn't have met such interesting people otherwise. ^_^

Er... I probably should go pack. Spring Break is upon me!

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10th June, 2002. 2:40 pm.

Well, it's that fateful day now. June 10. 17 years ago, a fateful thing happened... --no wait! That's for my other journal! Yeah, ya heard me. I'm packing up and leaving. Vamooose. Sayonara.

And I really doubt I'm coming back. Yeah, I know "exsilium" has been in my name for a long time... (Well...for two journals anyway.) But...I guess it's just time to move on, ya know? Another year of my life has passed, a phase has been outgrown, things have changed,etc. Will you really miss me all that badly? With enough wits, you should be able to find my other journal.

"A new one!? Where the chronicles of Jacki will continue!?" ya say? Yes. Or really. You could try leaving a "comment". =P

To be honest, I have no idea how many people I gave this out to. So..er..yeah. Maybe that whole "comment" thing wasn't a taunt...=/

Anyway, to the point! ...there was none. To digress! Happy 17th Birthday to meee! No ecards,well wishers,etc. yet. *sigh* Oh well. Story of my life. I shall remain optimistic. (Inner Poise, yo.) Hope it has been entertaining. (Hooooope. So muuuuuuch. *whine,plead*)

Farewell! Sweet dreams! Byeee! =D

Over 'n' out/Props 'n' kudos/The one and only (and therefore, an endangered specimen),

Current mood: accomplished.

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8th June, 2002. 11:11 am.

Oh, but how it starts... -_- I was tired, I was tired!!!! I'm sorry. =( And it seems I'm pretty due for a crimson tide. CRAP!!! And FYI, I know that you are joking, but it's almost a denial to believe it. That it's actually how you feel, how people feel when they go off ragging on me. For some odd reason, I feel the "blows" twice as much. I think it all stems from my whole view on life. That friends and normal acquaintances...they can joke a whole bunch and I could just wave it off and say "whatever." But since ya know me better, I could think that you are using things against me or that you meant it personally, hiding it behind a joke. Like...for instance... someone just randomly saying "I bet you have a horrible looking tummy! haha". I can just say "yeah, whatever" 'cuz they don't know me so they have no support for anything they say. But then...if you were to say "I bet you have a horrible looking tummy! haha", I would be like "WHAT!?"

Ya know? I dunno. I'm being all stupid and girly and analytical. *sigh* Life sucks and this party won't be any better. =(

Current mood: pissed off.

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8th June, 2002. 1:09 am.

"Escape from a burning building."

Agh, but that comparison hurt. Methinks it has come back to bite me in the butt. Maybe there are some burning buildings not worth putting out. That the wildfire came from something deep, like an iffy socket or electrical wire. Let them crumble 'cuz they're better dead and set to be cleaned up... than to waste anymore valuable time and money to keep reconstructing its burnt insides.

Damn, but is he brilliant with his metaphors. It should be published one day.

Current mood: happy.

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5th June, 2002. 8:06 pm.

It&apos;s Garnet!

The Final Fantasy Girl you relate witht the most!

brought to you by ka-chan

YAY! I got the best girl! =D

Anyway. I guess it'd be best to recollect what has happened since...Sunday? Yeeah. Well, Monday I don't remember much of. It was random and Matt was off busy sleeping 'n' stuff. That's about it. =)

Tuesday... was me going over to Matt, so that we could go to the Ulistac city hall meeting. Did I mention before that I got to meet Santa Clara's major, Judy Nadler? Shake hands 'n' stuff? She visited Ulistac one day, surveying the sight and the small group of us got to be introduced. Anyway, I had a good day then. We went around, getting various foods and even getting to eat at IHOP. =D Mmm, yum-may!

At the meeting, we spent about an hour there. (Felt like for-ev-VER! ...Yaaaaaa!! He's got me doing that annoying enunciation from "The Sandlot"! >.<) I got extremely bored, waiting for "Ulistac" funding to get to the stand. The seats weren't very comfy either. Anyway, when they got up there, the Council finally started asking questions. (The rest of the other presentations weren't questioned.) But I got bored when they were up there, so I started counting how many times they said "um". 45+. Amazing. I wonder if I can go through a day without saying that...

Well! Tuesday ended in... nothing. I woke up at 7:15 this morning, in honor of Late Start. Someone ate my bacon! =( So..I had a turkey sandwich, then a sausage w/ omelette on bread. And some hot chocolate. =)

History was very interesting for a change! Mr. Martinez had his friend come in. Kareem Stinson, I think it was. He's a rapper that does "conscious rap". He used to tour with his group but not so much anymore. Anyway, he doesn't cuss or "bling bling" or call women various names. My type of rap, yo. ;) Anyway, he rapped about Civil Rights and 'twas very good. Too bad he doesn't have a CD, 'cuz that would be an interesting song to add to my collection of MP3s. >;) I'm baaad.

Physics...nothing. We watched "Alien Autopsy" when we should've been doing book work. Oh well...

Computer Applications... more work on final group project. Will get my part done soon.

British Literature... Lit. circles. I have a generally lazy group so I'm not worried too much about looking bad. =)

Math was this weird worksheet thing... I dunno. It's weird. =/ Must do sometime. Later. Yesss...

Japanese was bookwork that I got done in the library. Blah. New grammar. oo-form+to omotteimasu. Blah blah.

Today didn't really seem like my day. I was just so...tired. But yeah. Maybe tomorrow will be better? Anyway, better go off and do my HW. Bye!

Current mood: lazy.

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2nd June, 2002. 8:04 pm.

Eh...haven't updated since Friday. Must go over events. Not much has happened though.

Well, the SATIIs weren't that bad. I didn't take all of them...but who really did? =)
I mean, I took the Writing test. Did decently on it, I think. Something about how the word "however" is great. I used the Cuban Missile Crisis as my example. =D (The current US History lesson is useful for something!) Hopefully, they wanted a "whatever" essay and not some standard 5 paragraph thing. 'Cuz I just did 3... but it fit and I finished my section on time! Then the extra subject I took was Literature, instead of Math IC/IIC. That wasn't too bad either. I picked it 'cuz in British Literature class, we did poem annotation and just reading INTO them. It was a buncha critical reading questions type. (My worst out of the entire Verbal section of the SATIs. >.<) But! I think I was decent! YAY! =D

Then...before all of it, I realized I didn't have my calculator with me 5 minutes after arriving. Mom was long gone so I had to go to the teacher and explain that I couldn't continue on, contrary to belief on my admission sheet. Anyway, hopefully, Wilmot Y. (who I saw there) is right and I will get some kinda refund. Anyway, I also saw Allen F. there. He rather meekly waved at me and continued on his way. Oddly enough, I also saw Ms. Lincoln there. (Thank you for Brit. Lit.!) She enthusiasticly laughed and chatted with me whilst I walked around a tree, waiting for Matt.

Theeen... Matt came and surprised me there! Apparently, he was following me around the tree. Don't tell him I told ya, but I actually kinda sorta knew he (or at least someone) was there. I ever-so-slightly turned my head and saw him outta the corner of my eye. (Shadows, anyone? Poor guy only succeeds 1 outta 5 times in surprising me. Silly ruffling around. =D) So I smiled discreetly and continued walking, waiting what he'd do to inform me of his presence. He had to raise his voice to get my attention. (I had my MP3s playing and headphones on.) But yeah. He cut his hair for me!! YAY! =D I didn't think he cared when I told him he looked all hot (more so) with his hair cut on Friday. =) But here he was! He cut out the writing test so he wouldn't take 3 tests and took that extra hour to go out and cut his hair. (For me, for himself..who cares! He's so cutehandsomehot, it's not even funny! Graaar! *attacks picture of Matt on monitor, only to bounce off indifferently to the monitor* x.x

Anyway, yeah. I think I'm done gushing how much my heart soared, my throat tickled, my stomach butterflied,etc. =P

So! We zoomed off to get some Dippin' Dots, KFC, Starbucks,etc. for the "stay home with GOOD food and watch movie while everyone is off at prom". Fun fun fun. We rented American Pie 2, to his guyish "yeeeah, that's what I'M talkin' about" appeal and to my eye-rolling-'cuz-he-is-SUCH-a-guy pshawness. Anyway, very interesting film. It kinda has the "mmhmm" that the first one had. One of those comedies that you keep in case your friends come over and want a funny movie to watch. And if they've already seen "Wayne's World" too much, you whip that out. Then "Airplane!" or "Mafia!" if they've seen that too many times as well. I even tried out Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA3) while I was there. Freakin' hard to drive those things with the controls...kept running into the lightpoles. Everyone else seems to do fine. =( I think the cars in it are stick-shift or something. *shrug* Matt and Mike think I'm demented or something just 'cuz, while THEY just run over people for the fun of it, I go slowly and watch them run and "vroom" every so often just to get them going. "You're even not running them over, you're PLAYING with them!" Hilarious. ;) So I randomly punched an old lady... making the police come after me. So I kept kicking a guy, observing how much blood he actually had in his limp spurting body and seeing if he was actually dead. (he was) It's...it's...just a game. ^_^;; *cowers in shadows secretively* o.o

I got to see Dan, Marty, and Harris in their tuxes for the prom. They took a picture whilst holding Matt in that showgirl style AND while in shades. Hehe, very interesting. Now, to somehow get Matt into one of those and dashing pointy dress shoes. (with arch support so he can have his comfort)

*sniffles* He thinks there's no point in getting ballroom dancing lessons. And thinks I should learn how to freak or bellydance instead. o.o Yeeah, that speaks volumes to me. That he should be such a guy about it... I dunno. You would think I would find it amusing or something. But... I just KNOW that the Jacki from before. The "friend" Jacki, she would laugh and say "OMG, you are soo...ugh! Shut uuup" and it would pass. But..now..it's odd. I'm his girlfriend and feel indignant that THAT is his opinion. I'm chopped liver? What? I value his opinion, yeah. But... freak or bellydance?? ...I just don't know WHAT to say to that... I wanted to learn how to bellydance before...I dunno now though. It's odd, how surly I get when I find out what expectations are. I willfully disobey, saying "I'll show YOU what I'll do! GRAR!" No offense meant, but... I dunno. Trying to break outta the whole "taken for granted" bubble? Which makes me feel kinda worse, knowing that I might've reacted differently if he had said "Ehh, I dunno. Why don't ya learn bellydancing? ;)" (freaking is kinda... no. especially knowing how stupid I'll look, trying to be sexy on a dance floor) I probably would've just..rolled my eyes and giggle at his "joke". It's more indirect, like a suggestion.
I dunno anymore. I'm stupid and ranty. =(

Anyway, I've done nearly nothing today. I sent him a sweet dreams email last night, woke up at 12 this morning, went grocery shopping a bit more, and then came home to make myself a bacon, cucumber, cheese w/ mayo sandwich to empty out the refrigerator a bit. Had some Welch's Strawberry Breeze as drink. One word: MMM! =D Watched half of "Bridget Jones' Diary" and end of "Shanghai Noon". Now I'm vegging on the computer, putting off whatever homework I have this weekend.

History: don't remember
Physics: none?
Comp. App.: haha
Lit: journal/read more of Tess of the D'Urbervilles (one day...one day)
Math: pg. 8** about Distributions or something (lunch?)
Japanese: test corrections (lunch and/or after I'm done with Comp. App. work 'cuz I only have 2 sentences to do and I know what I got wrong about them =D)

I'm so horrible... I'll fail miserably at college and barely make passing grades and drop out and settle on a halfway decent JOB. =( Future looks bleak.

Anyway, I guess I'll go now. Nothing else to report... maybe I'll see ya Tuesday or something. =) Bye!

Current mood: lazy.

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31st May, 2002. 2:56 pm.

Aaaaah, crap! SATIIs tomorrow and I haven't studied at ALL! Ugh, ugh, ugh. Do colleges really look at that stuff?? I mean, my SATIs were 1270..1280..yeah. And the SATIIs might screw me over badly. Chris (G.) took IIC and got a 760. Apparently, it focuses on Trig SO! I'm gonna take that. Must do overhaul of notebook studying. We get to use calculators, I hope...

Oh! Just now, I took the Literature SATII practice and I did kiiinda well on it. Maybe I'll convert my subject to that. =) I mean, in the long run for my career it won't make much difference. But in Brit. Lit. we've been doing a lot of that stuff of looking below the surface and annotating that I think I can do decently on it. Soo...Literature for SATII? Eh? Writing, Math IIC, and Literature... Hmm... I remember something about essays but I think I'm confusing AP tests for this. Oookaay.

Well, I have yet another driving appointment later today. 5:30 this time so I get to go home by bus or whatever. And then...chill. Then after the driving test, my overhauling starts. Ugh... I took the practice for Math IIC and I did okay-ish. Need to find formulas for sequences. So in essence..I'm studying for my Math final too. Two birds, one stone. SCORE! =D

Not much else this weekend...am I a total lamer for not going to prom? Everyone's doing it,etc. Yeah,yeah. Maybe Matt and I can go get some KFC and lounge in front of his TV while prom is going on. =) Sunday is undetermined for plans. A bit more driving practice with Art? Speaking of which, must remember to schedule DMV test later this afternoon.

Hm...school year winding down. Doesn't look like I'll be going to summer school... (jobs, ya know. must find job..) So maybe I can finally play my games, right?! =D ...Hmm..then there's that pressing "apply to college/scholarships" deal. Crap! Is there no free time in the world?? =O Where to get applications though... List 'o' schools:

1. UC Davis
2. UC Berkeley?
3. UC San Diego
4. UC Santa Cruz?
5. UC Los Angeles

Yess, I'm a UC girl. I wonder if that program us top 5% students applied for will work. Then there's that Who's Who award... yeeah. 'Tever. Need to find out if Matt is willing to do Duct Tape Scholarship. =X Ruins a prom experience, but really. Were any of us in it for the experience? I'll just get a dark midnight blue dress with my velvet ankle boots... Okay, MAYBE low heels or something. But anyway... that, and I'll get black duct tape and use that as a necklace and bracelet or something. He can have...a duct tape bowtie! =D If he's not willing to go next year, I'll hafta struggle to find someone who's not very concerned about how they'll look in the picture. Crap, but how many out there are willing for THAT? Maybe if I mention money...

Oi, anyway. I'm gonna go seeing how I'm typing this at school and the bell rings in oh-so-many minutes. Bye!

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